Antra Subsector/Deneb 2407
Ni Lo
Ni Lo O:2406
Local Day:29.4 hours
Local Year:7.79 Standard years, 2317.6 Local Days
Axial Tilt:36°
Avg Temp:-25.3°C (6°C/lat row -7.3 to -67.3)
Seasons:+27 Summer, -45 Winter (100% at 33° lat)
Daily Range:+7.2 day, -14.7 night
Surface Gravity:0.8g

Dome-fatigued colonists from Insi Kar (Deneb 2406) founded Syrenaica. Although the name's origin isn't fully known, it could be a spin on Cyrenaica, an old Terran name for a plateau region near the Mediterranean Sea. Plateaus do dominate what little land there is on Syrenaica.

There is an abundance of life in the oceans of Syrenaica. The cold temperatures do not faze the local fauna and flora. Each species possesses a gene that enables the creatures to produce a compound similar to ethylene glycol, granting them resistance to cold water.

Syrenaica's purpose was to serve as an agricultural colony for Insi Kar. While the population and available land have always been too low to be considered a true agricultural world for trading purposes, what Syrenaica does produce is sufficient to meet its needs as well as those of Insi Kar. The Syrenaicans also set self-imposed limits on the amount of aquatic hunting they could do so as to prevent themselves from damaging the oceans' ecosystem.

Syrenaica relied on mercenaries hired by Insi Kar to protect it from Vargr corsairs during the Rebellion. What little topography there is on Syrenaica, was easily defended from invaders.

When the Abandonment came, Insi Kar granted Syrenaica its independence. Some chose to stay, others left for the safety of the Regency.