Insi Kar

Antra Subsector/Deneb 2406
Ic Ba
Ic Ni
Local Day:38.8 hours
Local Year:54.3 Standard Days, 33.55 Local Days
Orbital Period
around gas giant:
17 Standard Days, 10.5 Local Days
Axial Tilt:45°
Avg Temp:-49.9°C (3°C/lat row -37.9 to -77.9)
Seasons:+27 Summer, -45 Winter (100% at 33° lat)
Daily Range:+12.6 day, -156.3 night
Surface Gravity:0.25g

Insi Kar orbits the gas giant Ushisagi.

After the Vargr Pacification Campaigns ended and some early, incomplete copies of the First Survey leaked out, Insi Kar was settled in 367 by several small Vilani mining companies looking to establish themselves. Insi Kar served as a base of operations from which the nickel-iron rich asteroid belts in the system could be mined. Sizable Lanthanum, Yttrium, and Scandium deposits on the world itself were also mined.

Although these companies did well, they never rose to megacorporation status. Instead they became rather familial in their operations. Over time they resembled clans more than corporations. As race relations improved, employment was permitted for non-Vilani as well.

The overall ruling corporate clan was the one that had the support from the other corporate clans. Allegiance was determined through prosperity, claim dispute resolution, profit sharing, and other incentives. The barrel of a gun was never used, as it tended to provoke the exact opposite effect.

Having made a sizable fortune in the minerals markets, the idea was put forth by one of the corporate clan nobles to purchase the nearby world of Syrenaica. Although a cold world, Syrenaica warms up enough to grow limited quantities of genetically engineered cold temperature-resistant crops and its native aquatic fauna thrive in abundance. It also provides belters a chance to vacation close by where they can breathe fresh air. This idea proved so popular that the noble who put suggested this idea was voted overwhelmingly in the next election to be top corporate clan.

Prosperity slowly came to an end during the Rebellion. Vargr corsairs attacked Insi Kar often, forcing the world to spend a great deal of money on mercenaries to defend it. Finally, when Quarantine was declared, the corporate clans unanimously agreed to grant Syrenaica its independence and abandon Insi Kar and move safeside.