Antra Subsector/Deneb 1903
Va Ba
Va Na
Local Day:33 hours
Local Year:48.3 Standard Days, 26.78 Local Days
Orbital Period
around gas giant:
4.3 Standard Days, 3.1 Local Days
Axial Tilt:46°
Avg Temp:41.5°C (4°C/lat row 53.5 to -13.5)
Seasons:+27.6 Summer, -46 Winter (100% at 25° lat)
Daily Range:+20.2 day, -251.7 night
Surface Gravity:0.25g

Fursuelgigz is an airless moon of the gas giant Egviloedzgouzkurrgkhokh. It was initially settled by Vargr from the Erkaghodo Concordat in 1078 to serve as a mining colony. Early success prompted the world to choose an independent route and was thus able to trade with both the Imperium and Vargr states. This success also led to corruption. The government was filled with bribable bureaucrats. Money slated for infrastructure advancement seemingly vanished and the world never progressed beyond tech level 8.

It didn't take long to figure out where the money went. Representatives from the Assemblage of 1116, which formed from the remnants of the Erkaghodo Concordat, were often seen making diplomatic visits all under the premise of establishing trade relations. Just as the Assemblage of 1116 began to attack worlds along its borders, the government of Fursuelgigz announced that it was foregoing the independence of the lone wolf in favor of joining up with a pack, which the Assemblage represented.

At first nothing changed. When the Assemblage's forces arrived, the true spirit of the allegiance became known. Labor conditions deteriorated as workers were forced to increase output to meet the demands of their new allies. What few humans were still on the world were rounded up and executed as spies. Trade with all Imperial worlds ceased.

As the Assemblage began to unravel in the mid-1130's, their grip on Fursuelgigz relaxed. Forces were needed elsewhere in order to hold off the Regency, which was systematically ridding itself of the Assemblage. Rumors of an Imperial super computer virus, capable of annihilating anything it infected, spread. With food supplies barely adequate and its economy failing, most of the population fled for safer worlds, including refugee camps in the Regency. Those Vargr still loyal to the Assemblage claimed it was all just a Regency trick.

The rumor proved fact in 1138.

A scouting party returning from a successful scavenger hunt unwittingly brought back a suicide inducer in some equipment. Upon connecting with the datanet at the starport, it spread through Fursuelgigz's computer systems. The remaining million or so Vargr never had a chance.