Namidshur Subsector/Deneb 2413

Ni Lo Cp
Atmospheric Taint:Low Oxygen
Local Day:22.97 hours
Local Year: 0.14 Standard years, 52 Standard Days, 54.4 Local Days
Axial Tilt:15°
Avg Temp:-35.7°C (5°C/lat row -20.7 to -70.7)
Seasons: +9 Summer, -15 Winter (100% at 82° lat)
Daily Range:+7.3 Day, -91.9 Night
Surface Gravity:0.5g

When Dunmag was initially surveyed it was considered to be just another inhospitable rock in a long series of inhospitable rocks. The oceans were frozen over, the air was too thin to breath and its oxygen content was too low. It was passed over for colonization in the early days of the Third Imperium in favor of more hospitable worlds spinward. Rather than leaving the world to chance, Emperor Martin II awarded the world to Admiral Udumesh Dunmagshiluu in 239, for his work in the Vargr Campaigns. He also decreed that the world was to be the subsector capitol and bestowed the title of Baron upon the retired admiral.

Baron Dunmagshiluu was always a navy man. The bureaucracy that came along with the position of subsector baron wasn't something he relished. He missed the navy. Rather than abdicate his position, and potentially embarrass the Emperor, he instead petitioned for the establishment of a naval base in system. The subsector had been passed over for early naval base construction due to its relative unimportance militarily and economically. The Baron insisted that the capitol of a subsector, arguably the most important world in a subsector, should have a naval base close at hand to defend it. The Emperor agreed and in the last year of his reign ordered the construction of a naval base at Dunmagshiluu. The Baron happily spent a good deal of his remaining years performing "inspections" of the fleet stationed close to his world.

As time went on, the subsector continued to be overshadowed by more important worlds to spinward. Most colonists bypassed Dunmagshiluu and its neighbors, but this seemed to suit the Dunmagshiluu family. They never opened the world up to development, preferring to keep it to themselves, their servants, and their friends in the Imperial navy. Although Dunmagshiluu's continued to enlist in the Imperial Navy, they also became quite adequate subsector administrators, Vilani style and judgment holding forthright of course.

The name of the world, and the subsector, was shortened to Dunmag in 480. It was an attempt to disguise the Vilani nature of the world's ruling family from the anti-Vilani wave of sentiment that was sweeping through the Moot at that time. The name has stuck ever since.

Dunmag finally gained strategic importance during the Rebellion as the Vargr invasion of Corridor cut off the Domain of Deneb from the rest of the Imperium. The 125th fleet was transferred in from Jewell and stationed at the naval base at Dunmag. From there the fleet assisted in the defense of the trailing portion of Deneb from invading corsairs.

After almost nine centuries of ownership, the Dunmagshiluu family was forced to abandon Dunmag when their world fell outside of the Regency Frontier. The 125th fleet was transferred to Shinorasus. The naval base and starport were dismantled to prevent possible viral infection. The subsector capitol, and stewardship of the subsector, was transferred to Namidshur. The Dunmagshiluu family protested, "If Juburk is to be included in the Regency Frontier, why not Dunmag? The worlds are only a parsec apart! Why not include the entire Dunmag cluster (several jump 1 worlds from Nibel to Segan)?" The Regency wouldn't budge.

Several conciliatory positions in the subsector government were made available to members of the Dunmagshiluu family, but the offers were declined. The family felt insulted. They were stripped of the world that an Emperor had granted to them for what seemed like arbitrary border drawing. The last Baron, Egir Dunmagshiluu, in the family's last public address from Dunmag, stated, "We will reclaim our home one day, of that I can assure you. Our family has lived here for nearly nine hundred years. The bodies of my ancestors have been buried here for centuries. I intend to be buried here as well." The family was last seen on Namidshur at the official ceremony to relinquish stewardship of the subsector. The next day they vanished.

Over the next several years, rumors surfaced as to the fate of the Dunmagshiluu family. Baron Egir Dunmagshiluu was allegedly sighted at Quarantine Protest rallies. Others claimed that the family went spinward to find their fortune in Beyond sector or out into the Wilds to reclaim Vland itself. The truth of the matter was discovered in 1141. A RQS survey team discovered the bodies of the Dunmagshiluu family among the shattered remains of their domed estate, the victims of an apparent doomslayer vampire attack. The survey team fulfilled the Baron's last pronouncement and buried him and his family among his ancestors.