Plastic Surgery in Traveller

The following is technological timeline for developments within this field.

TL Advancements
6-7 Early Plastic Surgery, reconstruction only.
8-9 Moderate Plastic Surgery, early body-sculpting, basic disguises. The surgery is undetectable, but limited, disguises are imperfect unless the individuals are very similar. [No height modifications, +/- up to 10 kg].
10-11 Advanced Plastic Surgery, body sculpting, realistic disguises as anyone belonging within the appropriate height and weight range who belongs to the same human subspecies, and fully functional (sterile) sex-changes. It is now possible to change skin color, apparent gender, height and weight (within limits). Change blood type, but not genetic type. Fur and unusually colored eyes and hair (purple, metallic blue...) are also possible. [+/- up to 5 cm in height, +/-up to 20 kg].
12-13 Bioengineered Implants, fully fertile sex changes, full disguise (retinal scan, genetic profile, finger prints, etc). Early vat grown implants are developed here. These early vat-grown implants can enhance normal function (Light intensification, enhanced smell and hearing) or they can add wholly new functions such as full spectrum vision, normal-looking skin as tough as Jack armor, magnetic sense, gills.... However, each implant can have only a single additional function. Modified eyes with the capacity for both IR and telescopic vision are not possible at these tech levels. All Vat-grown implants are fully living tissue which becomes a normal part of the subjects body. Purely cosmetic changes like tails, claws, cat-like eyes and similar oddities are possible. At this tech level a human can be made to look like any of the humanoid Star Trek aliens (old or new). [+/- up to 15 cm in height, +/- any weight].
13 By TL 13 an average human can be disguised as a normal member of most other minor human races, a Vilani could be disguised as a Darrian). At these TLs Genetically engineered viruses as used alongside surgery to perform most modifications.
14 Undetectable, genetic disguises, advanced vat-grown implants and genetic modifications (IR eyes, etc... ). Change height by up to +/- 30 cm. At these TLs genetically engineered viruses have replaced surgery in most applications. Advanced vat-grown implants can have multiple functions, so modified eyes could be designed to see both in the infrared and have telescopic capacity, as well as seeing ordinary visual light).
15 Any human can be undetectably disguised as a normal member of any of the human minor races (a Darrian could even be disguised as a Geonee). [+/- up to 40 cm in height].
16 Memory dupe to prepared targets (basic memories, no details). By this TL impersonation is almost impossible to detect unless specific precautions have been taken to avoid it. To Dupe memories the target must be scanned for 6 full hours. This process is non-invasive, and can be done while the target is unconscious.
19+ [Ancient artifacts only] Advanced Bioengineering: At this TL humans can be undetectably disguised as most alien species, including Aslan, Droyne, or K'kree. Sentients can also be transformed into ordinary looking, but fully sentient animals, or into life-forms which combine the traits and appearance of several existing life-forms. At this TL all such changes are fully reversible, and take no more than a month to perform.

"I'm seeing various body styles, including fur and unique mixtures of traits (like blue eyed Asian-looking faces with pale blue skin) being high fashion among the elite of some worlds (especially Solomani worlds)."

   - - John Snead

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