Aslan Collapse Procedure

Since the Collapsing Worlds rules in the main TNE book were written with Imperial worlds in mind, they really don't work 100% for Aslan worlds (though I've found that they work for Vargr). Of course, I'm not disputing the inhospitable effects of a planet upon population. A vacuum world is still a vacuum world whether it's inhabited by Aslan, Human, or anybody else. It's the government type that I have a problem with.

From the CT Aslan Alien Module:

G Small Station for 1 clan or a company. Pop digit must be < or = 3.
HMulti-clan world. Balkanization.
JSingle clan dominates, but others may be present.
KSingle clan, but they own more than 1 world.
LSingle clan - one of the Tlaukhu
MVassal clan
NVassal clan to one of the Tlaukhu

In Aslan society, it's all about the clan. Allegiance to one's clan is everything. Clan allegiances may change but Aslan always swear allegiance to someone. Being a feudal society, the Hierate has no central authority. Sure you've got the Tlaukhu, but it's been likened to the League of Nations - all talk, no power. So, I'd like to propose an amendment to the collapse rules for dealing with Aslan worlds.

All other UWP Collapse rules are in effect until one gets to Government. Here's my proposed procedure to determine if the government has changed.

If the world is still capable of interstellar travel, whether through a functional starport or sufficient tech level, there is no need to go through this procedure.

  1. Determine the Allegiance #: World Size + Collapsed Tech Level - Collapsed Population

    [My reasoning here is that larger groups of Aslan are more likely to splinter than smaller ones, especially if there isn't enough land to go around. If the tech level is high, that would seem to indicate that there was some sort of preservation of order and/or standard of living.]

  2. Roll 1d6. DM's: If Water % = 80+%, +1; 90+%, +2; if 100%, +3;
    If the roll is greater than the Allegiance #, then there may have been a change in Allegiance.

    [On worlds with lots of water, Aslan would have to build on islands, whether natural or artificial, or underwater. Even with this allowance, there might not be enough land to go around.]

  3. Determine new Government Code. Roll 1d6. DM's: Pop 3-, DM -2; Pop 4+, DM +1
Feel free to with any comments.

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