Nashisha Mk VII 10mm Snub Revolver

created this one using FF&S. I elaborated on the grip furniture a little bit, but it was Claude's idea to make it special rather than plain.

The Nashisha Mk VII 10mm Snub Revolver is perhaps one of the oldest Vilani produced weapons in service, with the Nashisha Combine being one of the oldest, and most respected, firearms producers in Vilani space. By no means a large house, the firm of Nashisha has been fabricating custom firearms from the founding of the Ziru Sirka to the current period. Nashisha's reputation is founded on uncompromising quality, as opposed to quantity, with specimens of it's products being passed down through families for generations. Foundries within the Vilani sphere of influence must still travel to Vland, in order to petition for the right to use the Nashisha trademark.

The Nashisha Mk VII 10mm Snub Revolver is the TL 12 iteration of it's classic low recoil hand weapon, used throughout space, with the current version capable of more than doubling the effective range of current snub pistols (10m as opposed to the 4m range of the mass produced variety), with an actual decrease in the imparted recoil, versus the standard weapon.

The single piece frame is machined from a single block of superdense material, with a variety of grip furniture available - most of the custom pieces featuring exotic engraved wood or tooth material, with a smattering of exotic mineral material grips found as well. It is quite common for the Nashishas to revered as works of art for the elaborate detailing of the grip. Scenes of Vilani culture and history are lovingly rendered, as such, their value is typically much higher than standard handguns and even the list price (see below). Some models have even been auctioned off for as much as 10,000 credits.

The double action revolver features a 6 round, upward opening cylinder magazine, which, in the closed position, locks to the forward barrel assembly, and the rear receiver mounted shock dampening assembly, added to assist in reducing imparted recoil in this light weight weapon.

Chambered for the standard 10mm x 17.5mm straight cartridge, the 6.8cm octagonal barrel is fitted with a long muzzle brake, for additional recoil reduction. As such, the weapon is able to handle the slightly hotter loads found in TL 12 rounds, 700 joule, as opposed to the 645 joule energy load of the standard TL 8 round. The octagonal shape of the barrel increases the surface area available for cooling, thus promoting long barrel life. The brake is also threaded to receive a silencer, if so desired.

The standard iron sights can be supplemented with a small rear mount laser site, capable of both visible and IR target designation, with the micro version weighing in at 50 grams, and an effective range with basic rounds to 20 m.

Tech Level:Average Stellar (12)
Weapon Type:Revolver handgun
Ammunition:10x17.5 mm TL-12 straight
Muzzle Energy:700 J (Tranq: 420 J)
Weapon Length:23.05 cm
Weapon Mass: 0.767 kg loaded, 0.635 kg empty, with no magazine.
Weapon Price:437 Cr.
Magazine Mass:0.132 kg loaded, 0.066 kg empty.
Magazine Price:0 Cr (6-round cylinder attached)
Ammo Price: 0.22 Cr (Ball, Shot), 0.44 Cr (DS, HE, Tranq), 0.66 Cr (HEAP), 1.1 Cr (Flecette)
Ammo Mass: 11 g each; 0.33 kg for box of 30; 0.11 kg for box of 5 (specialty rounds)
Features: Hollow pistol grip, iron sight, long muzzle brake, shock absorber.

Traveller: TNE Combat Stats
TypeROFDamValPenRtgBulk MagazineRecoilShort Range
BallDAR21-Nil16i 210 (10)
DSDAR21-1-Nil16i 212 (12)
HEDAR4Nil16i2 8 (7.5)
HEAPDAR42-2-216i 28 (7.5)
TranqDAR-1*Nil16i 16 (6)
ShotshellDAR1x4Nil16i 25
Flechette**1x4Nil16i 210 (10)


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