Instellarms ISAAA-18/12 Automatic Shotgun

AA12The ISAAA-18/12 Automatic Shotgun is a TL-12 version of Military Police Systems AA-12 automatic assault shotgun. did the conversion into FF&S stats.

The Instellarms Auto Assault - 18/12 is the TL-12 version of it's best selling close quarters battle shotgun.

Of the bull-pup type configuration, this selective fire auto-gun fires the standard 18mm x 70mm round, found throughout space, at a selective SA 5, or a full auto mode of 300 rpm (ROF 5) from 15 round box magazines, or 30 or 60 round drum magazines, with the latter being the standard fitout for the weapon. 30 round drums are usually found employed with the short barrel, in the close quarters combat role, while the 15 round magazines are used to employ the more specialized combat or crowd suppression rounds.

The gas operated system utilizes the millennium old principle of "Constant Recoil", whereby the bolt group runs out on a long two stage recoil/operating spring, eliminating the majority of the felt recoil and thus increasing accuracy (action modifier of .75 for FFS1 design).

The TL 12 version is machined out of Superdense metallic components, with composite laminate furniture. This results in a lighter, more robust weapon, requiring no lubrication, and thus optimized for operations across the environmental spectrum, including vacuum.

The barrel is of the quick change type, with all mounting a fore grip on the barrel, capable of locking in the vertical position, or horizontally along the barrel, allowing accessories to be mounted beneath the barrel. The foregrip consists of a top full length Imperial Mil Standard 950 rail assembly, while the left and right foregrip area comprises 15cm long Imperial Mil Standard 950 rail mounts. All versions of the barrel are equipped with a variable choke muzzle brake, and can be fitted with the 17cm Close Quarters Combat size (short range 10m, Cr 35), the 41.75cm Standard Barrel size (short range 50m, Cr 85), or the 71.3cm Heavy Barrel (short range 100m, Cr 218, short range 130m w/ bipod, Cr 81), for sustained fire.

While the top rail is equipped only with iron sights, the weapon can be fitted with any sighting/pointing device, light or additional fixture built with Imp Mil Standard 950 lugs. Items available for mounting include a bipod, or the 1.8 cm Common Support Weapon, which clip to both of the side rails, or the Superdense Polearm Combat Device, which can be attached to either side rail, leaving a large volume of lug area on the rails available for other fittings.

Tech Level:Average Stellar (12)
Weapon Type:Light self-loading longarm
Ammunition:18x70 mm TL-12 shotgun
Muzzle Energy:4006 J (Tranq: 2403 J)
Weapon Length:77.95 cm
Weapon Mass: 5.535 kg loaded, 1.122 kg empty, with no magazine.
Weapon Price:706 Cr
Magazine Mass: 60 round drum: 4.413 kg loaded, 1.209 kg empty
30 round drum: 2.224 kg loaded
15 round box: 1.129 kg loaded
Magazine Price: Standard 60-round drum: 6 Cr. 30 round drum: 3 cr. 15 round box: 2 cr
Ammo Price: 0.53 Cr (Ball, Shot), 1.06 Cr (DS, HE, Tranq), 1.59 Cr (HEAP), 2.65 Cr (Flechette)
Ammo Mass: 53.4 g each; 1.602 kg for box of 30; 0.534 kg for box of 5 (specialty rounds)
Features: Bullpup stock, iron sight, muzzle brake.
Accessories: 17cm Close Combat Barrel: 0.091 kg, Cr35
41.75cm Standard Barrel: 0.224 kg, Cr85
71.3cm Heavy Barrel, w/o bipod: 0.382 kg, Cr146
Superdense Polearm Combat Device***: 0.3kg, Cr200;
Bipod: Cr 74, Wt 0.54kg
Bipod for Heavy Barrel: .696kg, Cr81
TL 12 optical/red dot sight: Cr 105; Rang mod x1.15; Wt 0.1kg
Bracket for TL 12 Image Converter Binoculars: Cr 25, Wt 0.1kg, range mod +20m to basic short range

Traveller: TNE Combat Stats
TypeROFDamValPenRtgBulk MagazineRecoilShort RangeDanger Space
Ball542-3-Nil560m 2/550 (50) 
DS541-2-3560m 2/560 (60) 
HE58Nil560m2/5 40 (37.5) 
HEAP582-2-2560m 2/540 (37.5) 
Tranq5-1*Nil560m 1/430 (30) 
5 60m2/510
1 x 10
2.5 x 10
5 60m2/550 (50)
50 (50)
5 x 10
5 x 10


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