Strausse/Markam MkXV-IV Personal Defence Weapon

The following is 's FF&S adaptation of Heckler and Koch's PDW/MP7, though it should be noted that he upgraded it to TL-15.

Strauss Markham MkXV-IV with RAM grenade adapter and BUISThe Strauss/Markham MkXV-IV is based on the personal defence weapon concept mastered by the old Terran firm of Heckler and Koch (listed in old references as the PDW/MP7).

While previous attempts to replace the handgun in regular military service had resulted in sub-optimal solutions for the affected soldiers, the H&K PDW, really broke though the military acceptance barrier. It was based on a new round suitable for both a 'pistol' application, and a 'long arm' application. Through the ages, the concept has been kept alive, but no more so than by the firm of Strausse/Markam, manufacturers of the the finest firearms in Known Space.

The suitability of the original CPR 4.6x30mm round, slightly tweaked to fit into captured Vilani weapons infrastructure, virtually guaranteed acceptance of the improved Solamani '4micmic' round as the standard Gauss projectile for both the Rule of Man era as well as the political entities thereafter. Their ability to force the maximum performance from the highest quality modern (based on your current planet's TL) manufacturing materials and processes has made their products some of the most sought after firearms in Human space. They even command prices substantially above 'list price', in non-Imperial/Solamani space.

The MkXV-IV is a scaled up version of the Mk XIII pistol. The same additional receiver mounted 'spare battery' is used to power one full 80 round mag, or two 40 round mags (in case of battery failure) or to overpower one full 80 round mag, when the barrel extension is fitted. Barrel weight precludes burst/full auto fire, when this 'boosted' mode is used.

Tech Level:High Stellar (15)
Weapon Type:Selective fire longarm
Ammunition:4x20 mm/33.65 gauss dart
Muzzle Energy:2831 joules, required energy: 4529 joules
Weapon Length:38 cm stock collapsed. 581cm stock open
Weapon Mass: 2.4297 kg loaded with 40 rounds
3.0847 kg loaded with 80 rounds
1.7737 kg empty, with no magazine
Weapon Price:3027 Cr
Magazine Mass: 0.656 kg loaded/40, 0.636 kg empty/40
1.311 kg loaded/80, 1.271 kg empty/80
Magazine Price: 40-round box: 2 cr, 80-round box: 3 cr
Ammo Price: 0.01 Cr (Dart), 0.02 Cr (HE, Tranq), 0.03 Cr (HEAP)
Ammo Mass:0.5 g each
Features: Hollow pistol grip, electronic sight, laser sight, gyroscopic compensator.
Accessories:Barrel Extension, RAM shoot through grenade adapter

Traveller: TNE Combat Stats
Standard Ammo Performance
TypeROFDamValPenRtgBulk MagazineRecoilShort Range
Dart341-Nil2401/1 110 (105.1)
HE35Nil2401/1 80 (78.8)
HEAP352-2-22401/1 80 (78.8)
Tranq3-1*Nil240 1/130 (63.1)
Boosted Performance
Dart351-3-Nil380 1/1140 (140.2)
HE36Nil3801/1 110 (105.2)
HEAP362-2-23801/1 110 (105.2)
Tranq3-1*Nil380 1/130 (84.1)

RAM Shootthrough Grenades
Dimensions:40x76 mm
TypeDamagePen ValPrice
HEC:4, B:15Nil48 cr
HEAPC:3, B:104172 cr
SEFOPC:2, B:154196 cr
CHEMC:2, B:0Nil48 cr
WP/ISC:2, B:10Nil96 cr
ILLUMC:0, B:255Nil48 cr
Shotshell1x8Nil48 cr



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