FN Five seveNThe Ma-57 is a TL-12 version of the Belgian FN Five seveN automatic pistol. did the conversion into FF&S stats.

For another campaign that was far removed in time and space from the 3rd Imperium, I needed a TL-11 equivalent. I was able to generate identical stats for that one. For reference sake, I dubbed it the Fae Nue 57. The Ngorzkoudzgzu Corporation is the manufacturer.

Ma-57 Stats

Tech Level:Average stellar (12)
Weapon Type:Light self-loading handgun
Ammunition:5.7x23 mm TL-12 Necked ETC
Muzzle Energy: 703 J, required energy: 37 joules (Tranq: 422 J)
Weapon Length:20.86 cm
Weapon Mass: 0.954 kg loaded, 0.572 kg empty, with no magazine
Weapon Price:336 Cr
Magazine Mass:0.382 kg loaded, 0.288 kg empty
Magazine Price:101 Cr (20-round box)
Ammo Price: 0.09 Cr (Ball), 0.18 Cr (DS, HE, Tranq), 0.27 Cr (HEAP)
Ammo Mass:4.7 g each, 0.235 kg for box of 50
Features:Hollow pistol grip, iron sight

Traveller: TNE Combat Stats
TypeROFDamValPenRtgBulk MagazineRecoilShort Range
BallSA 521-Nil 120 rounds3 13 (13)
DSSA 521-1-Nil 120 rounds3 16 (15.6)
HESA 53Nil 120 rounds3 10 (9.8)
HEAPSA 532-2-2 120 rounds3 10 (9.8)
TranqSA 5-1*Nil 120 rounds2 8 (7.8)


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