Koltsubishi Firearms' ACR15-XD

Koltsubishi Firearms, a small arms manufacturer based on Kaso (Lishun 0214), offers its ACR15-XD, a .45 caliber advanced combat rifle. With the war pressing onward, Koltsubishi saw a large market for light infantry weapons that could neutralize light to medium armored targets.

The weapon is a light self-loading longarm built from bonded superdense iron. Muzzle energy is 13,263 Joules. When combined with TL-15 necked electrothermal-chemical propelled cartridges, a fair amount of damage is applied to targets. Range and penetration show significant improvement over lower tech and smaller caliber models. The weapon is also fitted with optic and laser sights.

But since the weapon's light weight is not enough to compensate for the high muzzle energy, measures have been taken to dampen the recoil. The rifle has a long muzzle brake and a shock absorber. But the bulk of recoil dampening is handled by an inertia compensation harness. This recoil dampening system adds one and a half kilos (including battery) to the weight of the weapon.

Alternatively, the ACR15-XD can be used a heavy support weapon when used with a bipod. In this case, the weapon can be used without the inertia compensation harness, though it will still work with it. In game terms, use of the bipod without the harness will afford recoil values of SS:1 Burst:4. With the use of both, recoil reduces to SS:0 Burst:1.

While an expensive weapon, Koltsubishi believes that the weapon's stopping power will guarantee a worthwhile return on investment.

Tech Level:High Stellar (15)
Weapon Type:Light self-loading longarm
Ammunition:11.43x30 mm TL-15 necked ETC
Muzzle Energy:13,263 J (Tranq: 7,958 J)
Weapon Length:110.8 cm
Weapon Mass:5.00 kg loaded, 2.77 kg empty.
Weapon Price:3,711 cr
Magazine Mass:2.22 kg loaded, 0.68 kg empty.
Magazine Price:252 cr (50-round box)
Ammo Price: 1.54 Cr (Ball), 3.08 Cr (DS, HE, Tranq), 4.62 Cr (HEAP)
Ammo Mass:30.8 g each; 1.54 kg for box of 50
Features: Hollow pistol grip, optic and laser sights, heavy barrel, inertial compensator.
Accessories:Bipod (116 cr)

Traveller: TNE Combat Stats
TypeROFDamValPenRtgBulk MagazineRecoilShort Range
Ball582-3-47501/2 140 (142)
DS581-2-37501/2 170 (170.4)
HE510Nil7501/2 110 (106.5)
HEAP5102-2-27501/2 110 (106.5)
Tranq5-1*Nil7500/2 30 (85.2)


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