TL-8 Fogwater Collector

I read about this in the November 2000 issue of Wired and thought that it might come in handy for Traveller.

Fogwater collectors are a low-energy, low-cost means of harvesting water in arid regions or on arid worlds. Stretched on poles and positioned at right angles to prevailing winds, the nets trap droplets of water from the fog that passes through. The collected water then drains into a storage tank where it can then be directed into an underground distribution system.

Net Material: ultraviolet-resistant polypropylene
Dimensions: 13ft x 40ft (3.96m x 12.2m)
Surface Area: 520ft2 (48.3 m2)
Water Collection: 38 gallons/day (143.4 liters/day)*
Cost: $450

* Based on conditions found at El Tofo ridge, near Chungungo, Chile. This region receives less than 15 inches of rain (38.1 cm) per year.

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