TL15 Excavation Robot

Excavation robots were designed to be the ultimate ditchdiggers. They are capable of working round-the-clock and never form labor unions. The Mitsudyne EXC-1500 has the strength of a bulldozer yet is intelligent enough to know when not to be one. The built-in fusion plant provides an abundance of power (600kW). Although the robot has a tracked suspension, it is still capable of speeds up to 190 kph (114 mph). It has 3 arms: 2 for large and medium digging and 1 for more refined work. The model listed here does not come with any plasma torches though they are available.

Price: 217,000 cr

Hull Data
Chassis Volume:5 kL
Overall Dimensions:1.5 x 1 x 3.33 (meters)
Bucket 1 Dimensions:1.5 x 1 x 1 (meters)
Bucket 2 Dimensions:0.3 x 0.3 x 0.3 (meters)
Material:1cm thick Bonded SuperDense
Armor Value:28

Sensors and Communication
Inertial Positioning:For navigation
Densitometer:100 m
Wide-Spectrum Visuals:500 m
Maser:300 km

Computer Brain
CPU:22 linear, 10 parallel, 1 synaptic
Storage:30 linear, 8 synaptic
Skills:Prospecting and Construction

 Arm 1Arm 2Arm 3
Lift (kg):23250121874625

This robot was designed using the revised robot design rules by Antti Lehtinen which were based on Fire, Fusion, & Steel and Vampire Fleets.

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