Odzonfuegouz KHZ-10

SIG-Sauer MPX at world.guns.ruThe Odzonfuegouz KHZ-10 is an attempt to make a vargr TL-10 equivalent of the SIG-Sauer MPX submachinegun, minus all the variations (maybe later).

Odzonfuegouz is one of the few trusted vargr weapons manufacturers in the Extents. Recognizing a need for modestly advanced personal weaponry, Odzonfuegouz offers vargr reliable weaponry that can be manufactured on many worlds. Not too advanced to price itself out of the medium and lower tech worlds, but providing the punch needed above and beyond lower tech equivalents. The company isn't afraid to incorporate proven tech of its competitors if it will help the company gain an edge in sales.

The KHZ-10 submachine gun fires 9x19 mm ammunition from proprietary box magazines holding 30 rounds. However, the company is willing to give the 3D-printer specs to verified purchasers.

The weapon operates with a fully closed and locked rotating bolt system, greatly enhancing operator safety. It is built on a crystaliron alloy receiver, patterned after the Instellarms Mk X ACR type receiver, but made necessarily shorter, and with shorter magazine well to accommodate dedicated pistol-caliber magazines. Unlike most older submachine guns KHZ-10 is a gas-operated short stroke piston system for unequalled reliability in the field, even under the most adverse conditions.

Range for the weapon runs double that for older and even contemporary designs. While damage runs lower than the Ma-90, the recoil is significantly lower, thus ensuring more hits on the target.

Tech Level:Early Stellar (10)
Weapon Type:Light self-loading longarm
Ammunition:9x19 mm TL-10 Straight
Muzzle Energy: 975 J (Tranq: 585 J)
Weapon Length:39.4 cm
Weapon Mass: 1.748 kg loaded, 0.825 kg empty, with no magazine
Weapon Price:628 Cr
Magazine Mass:0.923 kg loaded, 0.725 kg empty
Magazine Price:1 Cr (30-round box)
Ammo Price: 0.19 Cr (Ball), 0.38 Cr (DS, HE, Tranq), 0.57 Cr (HEAP)
Ammo Mass:9.7 g each, 0.485 kg for box of 50
Features: Bullpup stock, optic sight, long muzzle brake, shock absorber

Traveller: TNE Combat Stats
TypeROFDamValPenRtgBulk MagazineRecoil: SSRecoil: BurstShort Range
Ball521-Nil 230 rounds1 380 (76.8)
DS521-1-Nil 230 rounds1 392 (92.2)
HE53Nil 330 rounds1 560 (57.6)
HEAP532-2-2 330 rounds1 560 (57.6)
Tranq5-1*Nil 330 rounds0 330 (46.1)


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