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DED's Dice Roller™

I needed a way to have pc's roll dice for when we conduct our gaming sessions via email. Sure there are sites that already exist for people to do this, but I needed the Perl programming practice.

So here's how it works: Fill in the blanks below. Select the number of sides to the dice you need to roll and how many of those dice you need to roll. And finally the number of times you need that combo to be rolled. Then just click the button.

On the next screen you'll see the results of your dice roll. Your GM will receive an email with the results.

Note to PBEM's: While I appreciate the growing popularity of my dice roller script, I must make a request. If you sign up the dice roller script to your mailing list, please set the email to web only. No offense, but I really don't want to get emails from everyone's PBEM. =)

Dice Roller's Name
Task Attempted
GM's email address
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# of sides to the dice
# of dice to roll
# of dice rolls
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