Picking Up Equipment

Characters: All
NPC: First Officer Gunderson, Equipment clerks
Location: Igodosakfell Naval Base
System: Igodosakfell

1202.13.7 - 18:40 (IST - Igodosakfell Starport Time)

Gunderson and the four new guys leave the ship and return to the elevator. They take it down three levels and exit. In Galanglic, Gunderson explained the reason for their little trip, "The captain forwarded your measurements when you arrived. It'll get you extra jumpsuits and a dedicated vacc suit. Plus, as this is still a military operation, you new guys get to pick out a weapon. Limited choices of course. Joe, your weapons are still on the ship."

They stop at the supply warehouse first. Gunderson is met at the entrance by a vargr who works there. He has two carts waiting for him: one loaded with four vacc suits and the other with personal gear like extra jumpsuits. There's room for more stuff.

Gunderson turns to the group. "We'll stop by the armory next, but do you guys need anything specific from here?"

Arthur asks if this is the place for combat gear like a battle belt, chest rig and so on.

Gunderson replies, "No, that's at the armory."

"In that case, I'll need some electronics: PDA, night vision."

"You got it." Gunderson translates for the vargr who is handling their order and he taps a tablet.

Arthur also picks up some cold weather/hot weather gear and a few other sets of starship jumpsuits and under garments. He takes a look for some after market multi-tools, pocket flashlights and laser pointers and is successful.

Gunderson asks, "Mazun?"

Mazun replies, "Hmmmm, well, if I am going on exploration duties judging adv... er, relic tech, I'll need portable sensors. I guess no chance of a densitometer?"

The vargr shakes his head.

"Didn't think so. Where should I start?" he wonders. "Maybe it's best if you let me see what you have."

The vargr hands him a tablet.

Mazun starts scrolling through the inventory, which is categorized in a manner that he has no problem following.

While he searches through it, Gunderson says, "What do you need, Joe?"

Joe looks puzzled for a second, "What do I need?"

Then his expression changes and he starts rattling off a list. "6 type IV Missiles—preferably with remote arming fuses, 4 Pneumatic actuators, 1 Deuterium injector, 1 Tritium Filter, 4 Pre-igniter's for type 36 Laser Turret, 14 Canisters laser reflective sand, 1 Lanthium distribution fuse, 46 Light bulbs..."

He pauses for a second to take a breath and realizes that he's being stared at.

"Hmmm, that was the list for Bright Horizons." He looks sheepishly at everyone gathered by, "I'm not sure what I need. Any suggestions?"

The vargr assisting the group has his ears raised.

Gunderson's eyebrows are raised. He chews his lip a moment, then says, "Let's start simple and follow Arthur's lead: a PDA, night vision goggles, binoculars, maybe some cold weather clothes."

"That sounds fine."

The vargr adds it to the tablet.

Mazun raises his eyes from the tablet just enough to mutter, "Sure, whatever Arthur means on that front." Then he looks down on the tablet again.

Darrurz pipes up, "Backpack, commdots, multiplexor, bug detector/scrambler TL15, data display/recorder headpiece TL-15, gyrocompass/locator, TL15 hand computer, image converter binoculars, TL15 language translator, multichronometer, PRIS field glasses, Any chance of this stuff?"

The vargr clerk growls.

Gunderson says to Darrurz so that only he can hear, "We only have TL-11 equipment. High tech salvage is typically confiscated by Pack Security's Technology Reclamation division in hopes to reverse engineer the stuff and advance the Pack's technological base."

"Ok, Do you have PRIS field glasses? Then Image converter glasses? Gyrocompass/locator? Multichronometer, Language Translator best you've got. Commdots and multiplexors best you've got. Data Display/recorder Headset? Utility Vest in Grey, Imperial Standard Cammo, and Tagan Pack Standard Cammo. Hand Computer best you've got. Tagan Pack Security standard desert fatigues, and standard arctic fatigues."

"PRIS?" the vargr asks.

Darrurz answers, "Portable radiation imaging system. They're like binoculars but full spectrum."

Gunderson says, "No, but that would sure come in handy."

The vargr says, "The image converter binoculars we have. Will an inertial locator do?"

Darrurz tilts his head to the left. "It will have to."

The vargr also lays out a multichronometer, a commdot and multiplexor set, a language translator (about the size of today's smartphones) and a head-mounted digital video recorder with personal HUD. He heads to the back and returns with gray and green camo utility vests and a set of desert and arctic fatigues. Last, but not least, he brings out a TL-11 hand computer, still in the box.

Darrurz puts on the grey utility vest and starts to put the various items into the pockets. He puts on the data headset and comm dots.

He's about to fire up the equipment to synchronize them with the hand computer but Gunderson stops him. "You'll have time to play with the toys later. We still need to get to the armory."

Darrurz attaches the hand computer to his left forearm and moves it up and down to get a feel for the weight and mutters to himself as he works through the clunky interface. "What? No internal medium comms?" To the clerk he says, "A utility belt, a medium range comms unit, a backpack, and what types of bug detection devices have you got?"

"None," the clerk barks at him.

"How about a torch then?"

The vargr nods.

Another vargr shows up from the warehouse with Arthur's and Joe's requests.

Mazun finally has it figured out and has drawn up a list on the tablet.

"May I?" Gunderson asks with an outstretched hand.

Mazun hands him the tablet.

Gunderson reads it off, "Field sensors we have; toolkits too."

"Well, what if we need to work in the field? Wouldn't want to risk losing the ship's only set."

Gunderson nods. "Good point. So you're looking for reduced toolkits. Something portable." He makes notations on the tablet. He scrolls down a bit further and chuckles. "A lockpick set. Yeah, we've got a set of those. Those are kept in a lockbox in the ship's locker and only the captain has the key."

Mazun chuckles too. "That's fine. I only want to use it outside the ship. Wouldn't want to intrude on anyone's privacy."

It takes some time for the storeroom clerks to come up with all the gear requisitioned. Mazun looks through it all. A lot of it seems beat up, but serviceable. He can easily spend time during jump cleaning it up.

He makes an effort to predict whether he will need small spare parts for that and asks for them if so.

The clerk says, "Use your ship's fabricator. I don't have time to hunt for bugs and berries." And with that, he and the other clerks return to the back room, leaving the group with carts full of their gear.

At The Armory

Characters: All
NPC: First Officer Gunderson, Koerr and other Armory personnel
Location: Igodosakfell Naval Base
System: Igodosakfell

1202.13.7 - 19:30 (IST - Igodosakfell Starport Time)

With their carts in tow, the group comes upon the armory. Security here seems a bit tighter. The cameras watching them are obvious. There are two guards in combat armor, one on either side of the room. And the steel counter is behind a fence.

Gunderson presents his ID to the chubby vargr behind the counter. After a glance and a swipe through a machine, he hands it back to him. The First Officer clears his throat and gestures for someone to begin.

Darrurz is up first. "Instellarms X1102D laser rifle, power pack with electronic sight and bipod. Flex armour, Ma-57 auto pistol with 4 boxes of 20 rounds each of HEAP."

The vargr behind the counter chuckles. "Yes, either of those would be nice. I can offer you a Sodzerz LR63011. It's not as powerful as the X1102D, and the battery pack is a little heavier, but it's still a laser rifle."

Darrurz replies, "Never heard of it. Have you used it?"

"I have."

"What's it like compared to the X1102D?"

"Like I said, it's not as powerful, but it's still lethal. And the battery packs are both a few kilograms heavier. Range is better though."

"Is there anywhere I can try it before carting one off and wasting everyone's time?"

"Sure. When you're done sniffing through my inventory, we can bring you around back to the firing range."

"Good. And the Ma-57?"

"In place of the Ma-57, I can give you a Ngorzkoudzgzu Fae Nue 57. It is just as good as the Ma-57. We've tested it and everything. The only difference is that it is made here on Igodosakfell."

Darrurz laughs. "Let me have a look. And what have you got in way of armour for a runt like me?"

The clerk chuckles. "Don't worry your eyeteeth, my friend. We have all shapes and sizes for our fellow wolves-in-arms. Come round back and we'll get you situated."

A buzzer sounds and a deadbolt clanks. One of the guards steps aside and lets Darrurz pass. Once through the doorway, Darrurz sees the chubby vargr talking to a younger one, instructing him which weapons Darrurz is to try out and have him suited up.

"Next!" the chubby vargr barks.

Darrurz's ears go up in surprise as he sees that the chubby vargr walks on mechanical legs.

He goes around back with the younger vargr to get himself fitted for the armour and practice with the LR63011. He familiarizes himself with the rifle and puts on the power pack. He shoots from standing, kneeling, and lying prone on the floor with the aid of the bipod. It's everything that the clerk said it was. While it falls short of the X1102D, Darrurz knows that in his present environment that it's the best he's going to find.

He tries out the Fae Nue 57 and finds that it will work for him too.

Joe waits his turn, studying the room while the others make their requests. "Ship already has my weapons, but I need some ammo, and maintenance kits. Imperial calibers won't be a problem will they?"

"No fleas either way."

Joe discusses with the clerk what he has and takes a mix of ammo types for both the ACR and the Snub revolver.

"I need the standard barrel mod kit as well as the 1.8 cm common support weapon (aka grenade launcher). Joe gets four short and four long clips to join the two shorties he already has for the ACR. Ammo consists of 400 DS, 200 HEAP, 400 Flechette, and 100 Tranq.

For the snub revolver he gets three more speed loaders to join the two he already has. Ammo consists of 100 DS, 100 HEAP, 200 Flechette, and 200 Tranq.

The clerk rings this all up.

"Oh, some grenades and explosives would be useful, as would be some non-lethal weapons."

"Grenades come in cases of 20. Are you looking for incendiary, fragmentary, HEAP, sleep gas? As for non-lethal, we've got tranq rounds, electrostunners, sticky grenades, glue guns, flash bang grenades..."

"I'll take one case each of Frag and Incendiary, and two of sleep gas, one case of HEAP RAM rifle grenades, and two cases of HEAP for the common support weapon. Oh and I'll take an electrostunner too."

The clerk adds this to the list.

"I could also use some body armor, something that wouldn't look too out of place in a non-combat setting, and something a bit more durable for when on high alert."

"Sure. I'll see if we have anything in your size." He studies his monitor for half a minute, then says, "Ok. We've got a flex armor made from Thanougvukhouzung, which is an advanced synthetic ballistic weave. It's modular so you can just wear the chest protector, leaving your arms and legs free, or you can wear all of it for full protection. We'll give you all the pieces and you can decide what to use based on whatever your hunt dictates.

"For intense situations, we have combat armor. It's heavy though, around 20 kilos."

"Sure, those should do the trick. And I like the sound of combat armor. It has a nice ring to it."

"I'll add them to the list."

"I think that's about it." Joe takes a look around the room one last time, his eyes fixing on a large sword mounted on the wall. "Except, whats that?" He points to the sword. "I'll take one of those too."

The vargr behind the counter smiles broadly, revealing a mouth full of teeth—maybe a couple missing. "Ahhhh, yes. She's a beauty. Forged from crystaliron."

When it's his turn, Mazun says, "A solid auto pistol will do for me, thanks. That's what I am best at. And some spare ammo."

The clerk provides him with an older looking model. Mazun examines it closely. It looks like an actual Instellarms SS220 9mm.

Mazun adds, "Say, you don't happen to have a precision carbine lying around? Something light but with a reasonable range. And a telescopic sight to go with it would be good."

"We don't get many requests for carbines. It's typically ACR's. Let me check." He looks at the monitor for half a minute. "Yeah, I've got a 7 mm carbine. Recoil's pretty good thanks to the muzzle brake. And it's self-loading instead of bolt action. Short range with the sight is over 40 meters. Will that do?"

Mazun nods. "I see you are well organized."

The clerk shrugs. "I don't get out of this cage much so I have to make it my den."

Mazun continues, "Well, the carbine sounds very good. Throw in enough ammo my way. I gather it won't be compatible with standard stocks."

"No, but I'll give you plenty to work with. And if you change your mind, you can always pick something else up."

"How about some armor?" Gunderson asks Mazun.

Mazun nods. "Sure." He turns to Arthur and grins. "Whatever he recommends for me." As in an afterthought, he adds, "That and a helmet."

Arthur says, "He'll want the best flex armor you've got."

Mazun smiles and winks at Arthur. "Sounds right."

The clerk nods, then says to Arthur, "And what do you want?"

With the help of Gunderson as translator, Arthur's list comes out: flex armor with inserts, laser rifle like Darrurz's, three blades, a gauss pistol, a gauss rifle, LAG PDW, and LAG for long range concerns. He gives out a list of accessories which the clerk dutifully logs into the system.

Gunderson's eyebrows rise during all this, but he doesn't counter a single one of Arthur's requests.

When he's done the clerk says something and smiles.

Gunderson translates, "This wolf is going to have lots of teeth."

But when it comes to ammo, it appears that Arthur's request breaks the proverbial bank. His request puts the ship over its allotted quota. Arthur pleads his case, but the clerk doesn't budge.

Arthur redoes his ammo request in his head, and the revised figures are approved.

Arthur asks Gunderson, "Does the ship have the tools and machines that a machinist would need? I might need to make modifications in the field."

Gunderson taps his PDA and shows it to Arthur. "Here's a list of our tool inventory."

Arthur scrolls through the list. "That'll work."

Darrurz returns to the others with the help of an assistant. They load Darrurz's armor and weapons on a cart. His ammo load for the Fae Nue-57 is four 20-round mags with 400 bullets each of DS and HEAP.

Joe's stuff comes out. Joe is a little surprised upon his first look at the combat armor. "Hmmm impressive, is that what the Kunzar wear on Igodozakfell?"

(OOC-Chris: Kunzar is a native word for Joe, I expect no-one else to recognize it.)
[OOC-DED: And no one shall!]

The clerk tilts his head to the side, and one ear flops. He looks over at Gunderson who just shakes his head.

Joe turns to look at the ASB armor. "Hmmm, this looks effective, it looks like it will stop all but a direct hit, and I will take it, but I was looking for something a little more covert. Do you have something your covert ops would wear under street clothes?"

The clerk shakes his head. "The only way to get thinner is to drop protection. Half the thickness means, half the protection."

Darrurz tilts his head slightly to the left. "Are you thinking of something like a normal waistcoat, or coat made of kevlar? That would be useful, especially as I don't have my vacc suit anymore."

Joe looks to Darrurz. "That was the kind of thing I was thinking about. Not something designed to stop a DS or Slug round but would stop flechette, shotgun shot, or low powered pistol rounds." Turning his attention back to the clerk, he asks, "Is there anything we could get here that could be adapted in the field to that purpose?"

The clerk nods. "I get what you're sniffing for. Unfortunately, that isn't standard military issue." He pants for a moment, licks his teeth, then adds, "I bet you could find someone dirtside who would sell that sort of thing."

Gunderson interjects, "I don't think the Captain is going to appreciate a side trip. He wants to get going ASAP. Maybe when we stop at Gvunaeknun you can find something there. If not, you'll have time when we get back."

Mazun's stuff arrives shortly thereafter.

It takes another 15 minutes before all of Arthur's gear arrives. It comes out on two carts and the sheer volume of stuff elicits whistles of amazement from those whose jaws aren't on the floor.

Gunderson says, "Man, I hope you don't have to use all that stuff. If you do, we're screwed." He pauses. "Ok, are you guys all set? If so, we'd better get back to ship." To the clerk, he says, "Thank you, Koerr. See you in a dozen weeks."

"Good hunting, Gunderson."

"Koerr?" Darrurz asks, "you've obviously been around, and you run an efficient operation." Koerr nods his appreciation at the complement. "If the chance came up and we needed an excellent quartermaster in the field, would you be interested? Or are you married to your armoury?"

Koerr chuckles. "It was an arranged marriage, one of convenience." He pants for a moment, then adds, "If the chance came up where I could join the hunt and leave this den behind, yes, I'd do it. But for right now, the Pack needs me here." He checks his monitor, then returns his attention to Darrurz. He sniffs the air. "Good hunting, Darrurz. I look forward to that chance to hunt again."

Darrurz sniffs the air as well. "Until our paths cross again Koerr."

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