A Light in the Windhorn Rift
Game Logs

Listed below are the completed public game logs.

Warning: These logs contain adult language. If it were a movie, it would get a PG-13 rating, depending on the parent. If your child is reading this and you don't want them to, and you have no means to stop them, and I will password protect the site.

A Light in the Windhorn Rift

  1. A Dream of a River and Ice
  2. Awakening
  3. A New Day for Darrurz
  4. The Morning of the Second Day
  1. Waking Up Is Hard To Do
  2. A New Day for Arthur

  1. Waking Up Is Hard To Do
  2. A New Day for Mazun
  3. Working With Fae
  1. Waking Up After Surgery
  2. A Clean Bill of Health
  3. Meeting With Pack Security
Mazun + Darrurz
  1. New Roommates
  2. Mazun: The Rest of the Afternoon
    Darrurz: Meeting With a Sociologist
  3. Dinner and Evening
  4. Evening Research

The Pack Comes Together
  1. Mazun and Darrurz Meet Joe
  2. After the Meeting With Pack Security
  3. Arthur Meets Mazun and Darrurz
  4. (Another) Meeting With Pack Security
  5. A Meeting With Just the Four of You
  6. Cryotube Storage Room
  7. Back in Arthur's Room
  8. Wanting a Night Out
  9. A Night Out

On To Igodosakfell
  1. Leaving Tagan
  2. Mazun and Joe Explore the Ship
  3. Summary of First Five Days in Jumpspace
  4. Briefing While in Jumpspace
  5. Arrival at Igodosakfell
  6. Meeting the Crew
  7. Picking Up Equipment
  8. At the Armory

The Journey to Korstsouth
  1. Leaving Igodosakfell
  2. Arrival at Gvunaeknun
  3. Wandering Around the Gvunaeknun Downport
  4. Darrurz - In the Warden's Office
  5. Joe and Mazun Go For a Walk
  6. Leaving Gvunaeknun
  7. Arrival at Llaedh
  8. Hanging Out at the Vargr Siesta
  9. Leaving Llaedh
  10. A Briefing on the TTF
  11. Guekha

  1. Arrival in System
  2. Mainworld
  3. Downport
  4. Welcoming Party
  5. On to Ghasghina Island
  6. Entering the Facility
  7. Looking for the Archives
  8. Down on SL6
  9. In the Archives
  10. Leaving the Archives
Assault on the Naval Base
  1. En Route to the Naval Base
  2. The Assault Begins
  3. In the Naval Base
  4. Stirring the Hornet's Nest
  5. Ending the Assault
  6. Back at Korstsouth Downport
On to Tsougak
  1. Arrival at Tsougak
  2. Assessing Tsougak
  3. Planning the Next Trip
  4. Departure
  5. Getting to Know the Orruengoerr Crew

  1. Arrival in System
  2. Arrival at Gvoksaedo
  3. Descent to the Surface
  4. Meeting the Locals
  5. The Story of Gvoksaedo
  6. Lunch With the Mayor
  7. Investigating the Starport
  8. Departure
  1. Arrival in System
  2. Descent to Dueks
  3. Investigating the Ship's Boat
  4. Landing Party Checks In
  5. Joe Goes Inside
  6. Parachuting Joe
  7. Rendezvous With Joe
  8. Engaging the Convoy
  9. After the Crash
  10. The Offering
  11. Joe's Debriefing
Zaeng and Gungaerrg
  1. Zaeng
  2. Arrival in Gungaerrg System
  3. Descent to Gungaerrg
  4. Gungaerrg Downport
  5. Leaving

  1. Arrival in System
  2. Dirtside
  3. Exploring the Wreck
  4. Exploration Interrupted
  5. Back to the Boat
  6. Rooftop Surveillance
  7. Setting Up Camp for the Night
  8. Back to the Roof
  9. Things That Hum in the Night
  10. The First Day After Being Marooned
  11. A Pack of Pups
  12. Back at the Docks