Joe Wright aka "Josephus"

Service:Barbarian/Corsair (1/3 terms)
Rank:"High Priest" (Leader)
Languages:Galanglic and some Gvegh.
Wealth:50,000 cr – In escrow
Armor: TL-11 Flex Armor (AV 1.75)
TL-11 Combat Armor (AV 2)
Possessions: Cold weather clothes and coat
Starship jumpsuits
(All TL-11 unless
stated otherwise)
Laser Pointers
Nightvision Goggles
Pocket Flashlight
Vacc Suit
Weapons: ACR w. std barrel mod kit, 1.8 cm grenade launcher, 6 short & 4 long clips.
Ammo: 400 DS, 200 HEAP, 400 Flechette, and 100 Tranq
19 1.8 cm CSW HEAP grenades.

Snub Revolver w. 5 speed loaders. Ammo: 100 DS, 100 HEAP, 200 Flechette, and 200 Tranq
Hand Grenades: 20 Frag, 20 Incendiary, 40 sleep gas
TL-11 Long Sword

Skills (TNE)

Act/Bluff (CHA)27
Bribery (CHA)27
Climbing (CON)19
Environment Suit (CON)19
Grenade Launcher (STR)111
Ground Tactics (INT)216
Gunnery (EDU)611
Large Blade (STR)313
Liasion (CHR)38
Mechanic (STR)212
Observation (INT)216
Pilot-Interface/Grav (AGL)17
Riding (CON)19
Sensors (INT)115
Slug Rifle (STR)414
Streetwise (INT)418
Swimming (CON)19
Thrown Weapon (STR)111
Unarmed Martial Arts (STR)212
Willpower (INT)216
Zero-G Environment (CON)19

Prior to the ship, Bragging Rights, taking him and modifying him with cybernetics, he doesn’t know much; he’s not even sure if Josephus is his ‘real’ name, or one the ship gave him. He was some sort of soldier or mercenary on a world that looked towards virus ships as some religious avatar's – offering tribute by supplying humans to supply their workforce. Joe is not sure if he was a willing sacrifice or if he was captured in some battle – but one day it was his turn to become a tribute to the “god-ships”.

Bragging Rights chose him to be its “voice” and high priest, installing all manner of cybernetics and mental programming. For over five years Josephus was the high priest, shepherding the “crew”, communicating the will of “god”, dispensing blessings on those who served well, and wrath upon those who failed or faltered along the way.

About six months ago, Bragging Rights was scavenging through the wrecks from a decades-old battle site, and had found a replacement to a failing reactor pump, and was running on minimal power while it was been replaced. While in the powered down state, the starship Grvanzk Kurzik from the Tagan Pack Exploratory Force approached the wrecks and discovered what it thought was a relatively undamaged ship that would be an excellent source of technology to return to Tagan. In its powered down status Bragging Rights didn’t notice anything until a boarding party from the Grvanzk Kurzik detonated a breaching charge, causing explosive decompression. An internal and external conflict ensued which was decided in favor of the Tagan force when a stray shot caused a cascade failure that disrupted the virus infected computer. Losing control of itself and the ship, the virus reverted to a “destroyer” state and initiated an overload of the reactor. The boarding party performed a hasty retreat and grabbed whomever and whatever they could, including any survivors of the Bragging Rights crew. Joe was one of those survivors as he had been knocked unconscious during the early part of the combat.

The flare of the explosion of the Bragging Rights was a beacon to Vampire ships across the system and they began flocking to the site to seek vengeance for their lost brother. The captain of the Grvanzk Kurzik made a beeline for the 100-diameter limit, but the shortest route took the ship into the firing range of an intercepting Vampire ship, and a second ship battle was entered. Waking up in the sick bay (where the surviving crew from the Bragging Rights were forgotten), although not recognizing where he was, Joe knew the ship was under attack, and thus “failsafe” programming (to defend the ship at all costs) took over. Breaking open the door of sick-bay he discovered a nearby turret crew had been incapacitated. Taking their place he reactivated the turret and fired. His shots destroyed the sensor grid of the intercepting ship, blinding it, allowing the Grvanzk Kurzik to easily reach the 100-diameter limit and enter jumpspace safely.

It is these efforts and other actions he takes as the Grvanzk Kurzik makes its return to Tagan Pack controlled space that enabled Joe to be accepted as part of the crew. Upon their return to Tagan, Joe was handed over to Tagan Pack Security Intelligence and antivirus authorities for de-brief and surgery to remove the virus-infected components of his cybernetics.