General History

A brief view of recent history as it pertains to Tagan.


The Tsougak Trade Federation forms. It included worlds from Saelfaek (Windhorn 2822) up through Igodosakfell (Windhorn 3013). Tagan's physical isolation had a cultural impact; its population preferred to avoid any political entanglements. While the three rift worlds weren't members, they were on good terms and traded heavily with them.


News of the death of the Imperium's emperor sparks activity along its coreward border. Sensing weakness, each of the Imperium's vargr neighbors, from Corridor through Antares, whether foe or friend, invades.

Once the Sunggoe Combine was swept up in Disjuncture fever, the Trade Federation lost its largest external trading partner. While many suggested that the Trade Federation could go it alone, the newly formed 17th Disjuncture issued an ultimatum: join or perish. Lacking the muscle to take them on, the Tsougak Trade Federation chose to join.


Independent Tagan (2611) continued to sell its agricultural products to its closest neighbor and manufacturing giant, Igodosakfell. With the attention of the 17th Disjuncture focused on making headway rimward, the former Tsougak Trade Federation worlds were permitted to act as they saw fit, provided that their actions did not interfere with or undermine the Disjuncture's operations.

Imperial factions continued to battle one another. Attempts to negotiate a peace were finally abandoned as each side claimed irreconcilable differences. By the end of 1122, the war shifted into its "Black War" phase. No longer would each faction content itself with attacking its opponents' military forces. Instead, civilian and economic assets became targets.

Emperor Lucan grew increasingly unstable. He was recorded as having personally slain several emissaries at his court, including a representative of IRIS, the Imperial Regency Intelligence Service, the agency charged with determining the proper heir to the Iridium Throne.


All major Imperial factions saw their "safe areas" shrink to 1-2 subsectors in size. With dwindling military assets, they no longer had the resources to guard larger territories. Groups of worlds outside these perimeters seceded and formed alliances for mutual protection. Raiders, both human and vargr, continued to have their way with the majority of the former Imperium.

IRIS abandoned its search for the Emperor proper. With the exception of Norris, Brzk, Craig, and the Strephon clone, all other factions have allegations of serious crimes charged against them.

Cryogenic suspension becomes a popular fad as many people seek a better tomorrow as they have lost faith in their leaders' abilities to resolve the mess that is the Imperium.

In 1127, a K'kree trading fleet was destroyed by Lucan's naval forces. A spokesman claimed that the K'kree did not respond to transponder checks and were thus considered hostile. The K'kree did not accept the explanation and declared war against Lucan.

In 1127, Archduke Norris declared the Imperium dead and that the Domain of Deneb would go it alone.

In 1129, Regent Brzk was assasinated.


An A.I. computer virus is released by one of the Imperial factions. It is uncertain which one, however, as the earliest reports of its attacks can be traced to Core, Dagudashaag, and Ilelish sectors, it is suspected of belonging to either Lucan or Dulinor. Unfortunately, those who carried news of the infection carried the infection in their starship's computer core.

All neighboring vargr factions that have invaded the Imperium's former space scoff at the reports, insisting that they are a desperate bluff by a weakened empire to scare away their enemies.

As reports come in from vargr worlds of starports voiding their inhabitants, friendly starships attacking their homeworlds, and suicidal vehicles, some begin to take the warnings as real.

As marauding vessels from the 17th Disjuncture returned from their rimward attacks upon Imperial worlds, they brought back infected technology. Once plugged into the Disjuncture's network, Virus spread throughout its members. Word of the plague made its way up to the Tsougak Main just before its arrival. While some worlds were able to prepare and protect themselves, many could not.

Tagan received ample warning from its neighbor and #1 trade partner, Igodosakfell. Located out in the Windhorn Rift, it was easy for Tagan to seal itself off from the rest of the subsector, which it did.

Subsequent investigations determined that during this time over 75% of the worlds in the Ngath Confederation, 85% of the 17th Disjuncture, and 90% of the worlds in the Voekhaeb Society had been exposed to the Virus. The remnants of the former Opposition Alliance in Meshan sector acknowledged a 65% infection rate. Data for the Ruler of Five and other vargr states is unknown.


During this period Tagan shut down all interstellar traffic to and from their world. Meanwhile, Vakh ships (the slang term for starships infected with the A.I. computer virus) launched repeated attacks up and down the Tsougak Main. Igodosakfell was invaded on three separate occasions, resulting in heavy damage to infrastructure and high casualties. However, the Igodosakfellians were able to beat back each advance.


Except for the odd Vakh attack, Igodosakfell concerns itself with fighting over food and resources. The wars come to an end when Kaelthaen rises up and unites several nations through treaty. Their cooperation, and subsequent minor recovery, encourages other nations to sign on.


Tagan sends out its first reconnaissance mission to determine the fate of its neighbor. Upon realizing that Igodosakfell shielded them from attacks, the Tagans immediately start relief and rebuilding efforts. The two go on to form an official alliance, later dubbed the Tagan Pack. They pledge to rebuild civilization in their corner of the Extents.


While rebuilding efforts continue on Igodosakfell, Tagan Pack expeditionary forces recon several neighboring worlds. Seven of them join the Tagan Pack bringing its membership up to nine. In return for providing personnel, resources, and bases of operations, the new worlds get access to food, medicine, infrastructure consultants, and rebuilding assistance.


Tagan Pack expeditionary forces continue to recon neighboring worlds in their search for survivors and relic technology that can assist them in rebuilding civilization and repelling the Vakh menace.