Age: 113Actual: 37 Service:Merchants (4 terms)
Birthdate:7/29/1088 Rank:Captain
Homeworld:Fokulgvu (Lishun 2207)
Languages: Galanglic and Gvegh. He knows some Vilani.
Armor:TL-11 Flex Armor (AV 1.75) Possessions: Backpack
Fatigues - desert and arctic
Starship Jumpsuits
Utility Vests - gray, green camo
Weapons: Sodzerz LR63011 Laser Rifle w. electronic sight and bipod
Ngorzkoudzgzu Fae Nue 57 auto pistol. 4 20-round mags. Ammo: 400 DS, 400 HEAP

(All TL-11 unless
stated otherwise)

Commdot and Multiplexor set
Comms Unit - Medium Range
Image Converter Binoculars
Inertial Locator
Language Translator
Utility Belt
Vacc Suit
Video Recorder-digital, head mount, HUD
Skills (MT)
Grav Vehicle:0
Jack of All Trades
Laser Weapon:2
Sensor Ops:1
Vacc Suit:0

Darrurz was a bright pup with a head for business. He enrolled in business school where he scored well. Shiishirnii Corporation offered him a job and he did not disappoint. Besides his business training, he was taught how to fly starships. He often put in extra shifts and was rewarded with a promotion to 3rd Officer before his first term expired.

With the invasion of Lishun sector by several vargr nations and corsair bands, Darrurz's race became an asset. The company often had him handling cross border transactions. Both sides respected his abilities and, as a result, his career blossomed. He was promoted to captain and earned enough favor within the company to secure himself a far trader, the Gaell Gzagvikhoe, by the time he hit 34.

Drawing upon his experience with Shiishirnii Corp and contacts while in their employ, he set out with his former co-worker, Hazel Zaanirin, to operate as a team along the Imperial border. Things went well for the first couple of years, but in 1124, a corsair band attacked both ships while in the Naloz (Lishun 0707) system. Hazel died, along with most of the crew from both ships, which were captured. Darrurz was seriously injured in the attack and bears the physical and emotional scars to this day.

He is easily identifiable by a laser burn on the left side of his snout and across his left cheek, where no hair grows. He occasionally drops the odd thing in the kitchen and is a little thinner and more wiry than the average Vargr. He looks several years older than he really is. The loss of his ship, crew, and friends was a big blow to his confidence.

After being discharged from a hospital on Vakkuum (Lishun 0607), he wandered rimward, stopping on Larkarda (Lishun 0712) to see his cousin, Ruelueth. She told him of a job opening on the Miishakaal. His skills landed him the job, but the crew's unusual behavior left him wary.

His stint on the Miishakaal lasted only six months. While his broker skills made a good deal of money for himself and the crew, an incident in orbit over Maran forced them to take on a search and rescue mission in the occupied Gamgilebo system. Darrurz lost confidence in the captain's ability to lead the ship on more than one occasion. While in the ruins of a pirate base, he realized that the time to leave had arrived. Fortunately, and with the help of Miishakaal's computer expert, Darrurz was able to commandeer an Angrorghag class Seeker, the Swift Little Biter, and convinced its surviving crewmen that they should join his pack.

But his command of the Swift Little Biter was short-lived. At their first stop, Ugarun, the engineer mutineed. Darrurz fought him as best as he could but the other vargr was armed with a pistol and eventually subdued him. His life was spared but a dose of medical slow drug rendered him unconscious. The last words he heard was, "He's worth more to us alive than dead."

Darrurz awoke in a hospital on Tagan (Windhorn 2611) in 1202, after decades spent in a cryopod. He learned that while he slept the Imperium and its neighbors were destroyed by some A.I. computer virus run amok. How he came to be spared from the holocaust is unknown.