Arthur McClendon

Service:Marines/Navy (4 terms)
Rank:1st Lieutenant
Homeworld:Unishpiir (Dagudashaag 0311)
Armor:TL-11 Flex Armor (AV 1.75) + inserts (AV 2)
Possessions: Cold weather clothes and coat
Hot weather gear
Starship jumpsuits
(All TL-11
unless stated otherwise)
Laser Pointers
Nightvision Goggles
Pocket Flashlight
Vacc Suit
Weapons: Sodzerz LR63011 Laser Rifle
Gauss Pistol
Gauss Rifle
Gauss Ammo (4 x 20 mm): 500 Dart, 500 HEAP, 250 HE, 250 Tranq
LAG Ammo (20 x 35 mm): 500 Ball, 500 DS, 250 HE, 499 HEAP, 150 Slug, 250 Buckshot, 250 Flechette, 100 Tranq
3" knife
7.5" dagger
22" sword

Skills (TNE)

Autogun (STR)113
Combat Engineer (CON)310
Computer (EDU)07
Energy Pistol (AGL)29
Energy Rifle (AGL)310
Environment Suit (CON)29
Forward Observer (INT)211
Grav Belt (AGL)18
Grenade Launcher (STR)113
Ground Tactics (INT)312
Gunnery (EDU)310
High G Environment (CON)07
Large Blade (STR)113
Leadership (CHR)210
Machinist (AGL)18
Pilot-Interface/Grav (AGL)18
Ship Tactics (INT)413
Slug Pistol (STR)214
Slug Rifle (STR)315
Small Blade (STR)315
Stealth (AGL)18
Streetwise (INT)110
Survival (INT)211
Swimming (CON)07
Tracking (INT)312
Trauma Aid (EDU)29
Unarmed Martial Arts (STR)214
Willpower (INT)09
Zero-G Environment (CON)29

Arthur grew up on Unishpiir (Dagudashaag 0311), a high gravity water world. He heard the call of Semper Fi and enlisted in the Imperial Marines as soon as he graduated from secondary school. While strong, his agility and endurance nearly cost him. Basic training wasn't easy but he had the willpower to tough it out.

The early part of his career was spent on low duration special combat operations. He dealt with terrorists, pirates, and local rebels in shipboard combat, including one mission where he rescued a K'kree delegation from a xenophobic militant group.

When the Rebellion started, he was part of a unit that was under Lucan's control. He didn't much care for him; he was a Strephon man. But if serving for Lucan would mean that Dulinor got his ass kicked, then so be it.

Based on his past experience dealing with pirates, Arthur was assigned to Lishun sector to defend outposts from the opportunistic vargr invasion. Despite a lack of assets devoted to the region, his division was one of the more successful. He was at Dekilari (Lishun 0711) in 1122 when a large corsair operation broke through the system's already thin defensive perimeter. Despite fighting valiantly an explosion in the bulkhead above him brought the ceiling down on top of him, knocking him unconscious. When he came to, the battle was lost and he was in restraints. The last thing he remembered was being shoved into a cryotube to be shipped off to a slaver's auction.

But when he woke up 80 years later, he'd been rescued by some new vargr state and the Imperium was lost to an AI computer virus. The vargr claimed to be his friends and they needed his help against these new machines who were hell bent on eradicating all organic life, vargr and human alike.