David Drazul


4/1/15: I reviewed This Darkness Light over on the New Podler blog.

Since my last entry, I actually found time to write! Although I only added a thousand words to Gateway..., it felt good to finally make some progress on it. I'm hoping to make more progress in April.

3/9/15: I reviewed Tethered Worlds: Unwelcome Star over on the New Podler blog. I also wrapped up editing Rob Steiner's Muses of the Republic last month.

The long, brutal winter might actually be over. While we still have over two feet of snow on the ground, temperatures have been above freezing for a few days now, and we've got some 40+° days set up this week. After filing my taxes and filling out the paperwork to refinance my mortgage, I'll actually have an open schedule.

2/6/15: Over on the New Podler blog, there's an interview with my friend (and author), Terry Green.

2/5/15: Ta da! Re-design done. Well, not really. The re-design idea is done, but it hasn't been completely executed throughout the site. I couldn't wait. I've done the basics and I'll continue to copy the changes through the site, but I couldn't look at the old one any longer.

1/13/15: A new year. I think it's high time for a new design for the website. More people are using their mobile devices to surf the Web, and this site isn't friendly to small screens. I think it's time to retire the frames.

I have a couple books to edit. First up, is the first book in Terry Green's new White World saga, Iced. It's set some time in the future when an ice age has struck again. After that, Rob Steiner's third book in his Codex Antonius series, Muses of the Republic.

No promises about when I'll return to writing. My SAD kicked my ass since the last update, and I really didn't want to do anything while it weighed me down.

11/20/14: Wow. Three months since the last update. I suck. My only excuse is that I've been terribly busy preparing for the winter and trying to finish the den renovation. I worked on Gateway a couple of times, but there just hasn't been time. The cold has set in, but now the holidays are closing in, and I'm tentatively scheduled to start work on two editing jobs.

8/18/14: Edited M. Terry Green's fifth Techno-Shaman book, Shaman, Lover, Warrior. Went on our annual summer family vacation. Played limo driver for my kids and their activities all summer. Now that school is a week away, I'll be working on home improvement projects. With any luck I'll squeeze some writing in, but I'm not confident. I can't seem to find the time. I've spread myself too thin.

6/12/14: I terminated the academic paper proofreading gig. It was not a match.

But in happier news, I finally put We'll Watch the Sunrise from the Bottom of the Sea on Smashwords. So if you love ebooks but don't use a Kindle, you can find your preferred version there.

4/25/14: All caught up with editing, but I've accepted a freelance proofreading gig for a company that handles academic papers. It'll be steady work, though I am concerned about whether or not I've bitten off more than I can chew. Assuming it isn't, I'll get back to work on writing Gateway to Empire.

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