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1/27/16: I reviewed King Ruin, the sequel to Mr. Ruins, over on the New Podler blog.

Work continues, albeit slowly, on Gateway to Empire. I was able to fix a conflict that didn't ring true and expand a couple parts. I'm finding that I tend to offer a rushed narrative on the initial draft. Mere bones of a story. I'm going back to add flesh.

12/30/15: Over on the New Podler blog, the best indie book reviewed over there this year has been posted.

I'm happy that I got some work done on Gateway to Empire, but it's a long way from finished. I solemnly hope that I'll get it done in 2016, but optimism is not my strong suit.

11/30/15: I reviewed Tethered Worlds: Blue Star Setting over on the New Podler blog.

11/20/15: Over on the Podler blog, I wrote an opinion piece that asked the question, "Should Book Reviewers be Paid for Promoting Your Book?" I wrote it in response to "Book Reviewers Don't Charge Enough, And Why You Under-Appreciate Them" which appeared on the Tenka International blog the week before.

11/13/15: I reviewed Ethnic Albanians Need Not Apply over on the New Podler blog. It's a collection of the first 300 strips of the webcomic CheapCaffeine.

I found some time and inspiration to work on Gateway for a couple days. I liked the progress I made. Just wish that I had more days like that.

10/30/15: Finished editing Shattered, the third book in Terry Green's White World series. Recently, we had a cover reveal and book excerpt over at New Podler in hopes of stirring up interest in it.

We need book reviewers over at New Podler. Join us! Please. We're losing reviewers for the usual reasons (work, school, family, etc.), not to mention burnout. Rob found it was taking too much time away from writing, and considering how little I've written since coming aboard, I'm feeling the same. Some new blood on the team would help a lot.

9/28/15: I reviewed Boys over on the New Podler blog. It's a trilogy of stories that seemed to be a fictionalized memoir of the author's life growing up in Texas during the 80s & 90s.

Rob Steiner renamed his new book Citizen Magus and launched a Kindle Scout campaign.

Started editing the third book in Terry Green's White World series, Shattered.

9/3/15: I reviewed I Truly Lament: Working Through the Holocaust over on the New Podler blog. It's a short story collection written as therapy for an author trying to deal with the Holocaust. Not exactly a beach read.

I started editing Rob Steiner's latest book. The working title is Natta Magus. If you know your Latin, the title might be a clue. I'll be done with my part very soon.

Coming up is the third book in Terry Green's White World series.

On the homefront, I have to wrap up the den reno and split some dead elm for firewood. While it's forecast to be 90° today, winter isn't that far away.

7/27/15: I reviewed Void Contract over on the New Podler blog, a nice escapist sci-fi romp.

Been busy with chaffeuring my kids to summer activites, hosting family members from out-of-state, doing a little home improvement on the den, and attending an out-of-state wedding. Two editing jobs on the horizon.

6/24/15: I reviewed No Dogs in Philly over on the New Podler blog.

6/18/15: Over on the New Podler blog, I interviewed Rob Steiner, my friend and author of the Codex Antonius trilogy and more.

6/11/15: Over on the New Podler blog, I interviewed Michael John Grist, author of the Ruins War saga.

5/30/15: I reviewed Mr. Ruins over on the New Podler blog.

5/21/15: Reviews are difficult to get. So when I get one, I need to draw attention to it. Even the critical ones. It's quick. Have a look.

On the bright side, I've had time to work on Gateway, and I believe that it addresses her points.

4/21/15: I reviewed Eden over on the New Podler blog.

I've spent this month editing Trapped, the second book in Terry Green's White World series.

4/1/15: I reviewed This Darkness Light over on the New Podler blog.

Since my last entry, I actually found time to write! Although I only added a thousand words to Gateway..., it felt good to finally make some progress on it. I'm hoping to make more progress in April.

3/9/15: I reviewed Tethered Worlds: Unwelcome Star over on the New Podler blog. I also wrapped up editing Rob Steiner's Muses of the Republic last month.

The long, brutal winter might actually be over. While we still have over two feet of snow on the ground, temperatures have been above freezing for a few days now, and we've got some 40+° days set up this week. After filing my taxes and filling out the paperwork to refinance my mortgage, I'll actually have an open schedule.

2/6/15: Over on the New Podler blog, there's an interview with my friend (and author), Terry Green.

2/5/15: Ta da! Re-design done. Well, not really. The re-design idea is done, but it hasn't been completely executed throughout the site. I couldn't wait. I've done the basics and I'll continue to copy the changes through the site, but I couldn't look at the old one any longer.

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